Coaching support tool: Myers-Briggs (MBTI)

This is a highly-respected form of psychometric testing used widely amongst senior teams. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI) can be used very effectively to give individuals insights into their own personality, motivations and effect on those around them; and also to help teams explore their dynamic. It can be used alone or combined very effectively with one-to-one or team coaching.

It is based on the work of Carl Jung who developed psychological type, one of the most comprehensive theories explaining human personality. The psychological type theory is based on a concept of ‘preference’; just as a person tends to have a preference for writing with their left or right hand, so type theory suggests that we show a similar preference in a number of other aspects of our daily lives.

So what is it useful for? Well MBTI will undoubtedly help you to understand yourself and others better. It will help you in developing better relationships with others. It will give you clarity, possibly for the first time, on why you and others behave the way you/they do in certain circumstances. This improved understanding leads to a heightened awareness of how to get the best out of yourself and others.

As MBTI is about understanding behaviour, it can be used in a vast array of practical applications. Here are just a few examples of where it is used successfully to improve performance and outcomes:

• Personal development
• Career choice and development
• Teams and team working
• Sales and sales management
• Leadership
• Communication
• Problem solving and decision making
• Dealing with conflict.

ARK coaches can provide consultancy and design programmes on all of these areas. For an insight into MBTI in action, take a look at our case study link.





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