Flexible Working

Increasingly, organisations are adopting flexible working programmes as they recognise the benefits to both the staff and the company. Employees appreciate the way in which flexible working allows them a better work-life balance. The organisation benefits from a workforce which is more productive, more adaptable and often substantially cheaper to accommodate.

Naturally, this represents a major change for both the organisation and the employees and consequently needs careful thought and preparation.

ARK offers consultancy and coaching in this area and Susan Bilton is an accredited Work Wise Adviser. We look at the whole life-cycle of flexible working, from exploring the possibilities to encouraging individuals and teams to adapt and become comfortable with the new method of working.

This includes:

  • Helping senior people explore the options for introducing flexible working programmes within the organisation
  • Developing a fair flexible working policy and programme that will suit the business needs of this organisation
  • Involving relevant stakeholders in devising a scheme, without unfairly raising expectations
  • Communicating the programme persuasively to all involved
  • Helping teams or individuals acquire new skills and change behaviour; and embrace the new ways of working

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