Team Coaching

Team coaching has two simultaneous functions:

  • What’s said: to make and agree plans or discuss possible ways forward
  • What’s experienced: improved communication within a team

tlc team coaching can be delivered in a number of formats, each working on an increasing depth of communication and change. These are as follows:

Format 1: Team coaching meeting

In a team coaching meeting, managers from a department or SMT get together to talk honestly and productively about the best way forward. tlc coaching ensures everyone has equal respect and equal airtime, with the highest quality listening and understanding by all present.

Conventional “awaydays” generally only discuss plans and activities (click on facilitated events for more information). Team coaching differs in that, as well as discussing plans and activities, we also explore how team members work together and identify opportunities to improve internal team communication.

We have used team coaching to develop cohesion and direction in new teams. More often, we use the technique with established teams that need to take their agenda forward, overcome communication barriers and develop improved internal relationships.

Format 2: Team coaching meeting plus problem-solving coaching

Ideally, team coaching can be combined with one-to-one coaching sessions for each team member - for maximum effect. A productive format is to hold an initial full team coaching meeting; then a single one-to-one coaching session for each team member, including the leader; and then a follow up team meeting

tlc coaching in this format allows individual team members work out what each person needs to do to meet the team objectives. Resulting actions often include the recognition of a need to develop new skills; change a communication style; take on a specific task; or behave or think in a different way.

In new teams, this format again helps to develop cohesion and direction; improves understanding of individual roles; and lays the cornerstones of cross-team communication. In established teams, coaching often begins to look at damaged relationships, trust gaps and unconscious territorialism.

Format 3: Team coaching meeting plus development coaching

In its most sophisticated format, team coaching can involve an initial team coaching session; plus a number of one-to-ones for all team members, including the leader; plus regular reconvening of the team coaching meeting. For teams where there is a need for substantial change, the first meeting can even be prefigured by confidential interviews with team members to “take the temperature” of the situation.

This is a high-impact form of coaching, addressing team growth and each member’s development, in the round. Everyone is clear about what’s expected of them by the team; and is given coaching help to make strides in personal development to deliver these objectives.

This comprehensive form of coaching evolves as individual team members raise their game and the team dynamic inevitably evolves. Teams often remark on how far they have travelled collectively and individually during the process.

ARK Associates use a wide range of tlc and supporting techniques in these forms of coaching. For details, please click on What is tlc?, Coaching support: Myers-Briggs and Coaching support: 360

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