New appointment/promotion coaching

Being a leader takes very different skills and behaviour from being a manager. It can be a difficult transition and coaching can help to ensure it’s made successfully. It’s usually a mix of executive coaching – help with thinking, planning and attitudes - and development coaching, to nurture new skills and behaviour.

tlc coaching for newly-promoted or appointed people begins just before or just after the coachee takes on his or her new responsibilities, helping get the new leader off on the right foot.

First, the coach asks coachee to identify the requirements of the new role and assess how habitual behaviour will need to change. Then, the coachee is given support in developing new skills and behaviour to fit the role. Typically, areas explored in this type of coaching are: identifying new priorities; delegation and avoiding the risk of micro-management; passing on skills to the team; communication skills; dealing with all types of people; new relationships with old friends; and being in the boardroom.

Most coachees in this position benefit from three to six coaching interventions across a period of six months to a year.

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