Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps people think clearly and calmly, deeply and differently about important topics in their lives. Topics can range from thinking-through plans for a team or a business; to thinking about what’s truly important in your life.

It can be particularly helpful for the most senior person or people in a team, for whom it would not be appropriate to discuss matters with colleagues or subordinates. Speaking to a coach in confidence allows people space to explore uncertainties, doubts and fears, as well as potentially controversial plans.

With executive coaching, it is especially important that the coach has experience of the responsibilities and strains faced by leaders. All ARK’s coaches have held senior management positions and led businesses. They are also exposed daily to the common challenges, themes and concerns experienced by people in leadership roles.

In tlc executive coaching, we regularly coach on: strategies; businessplans; company direction and refocusing; team reorganisation; succession planning; career paths; the challenges of being a leader; tricky colleagues; trust; work-home balance; retirement planning; and even what’s-it-all-been-for?

An executive coaching relationship is usually quite lengthy, with perhaps three to six two-hour coaching sessions over six months to a year.

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