Development Coaching

When someone wants to develop and embed substantial new skills and behaviour, a degree of policing gives a better chance of success. ARK’s tlc coaching helps people develop new ways of doing things, with solutions, support and monitoring.

First, the coachee is helped to accurately assess the situation faced and identify the skills and/or behaviour that will be required. Possible options are considered and the coachee selects one or two that will be the best fit with his or her natural style. Using approaches that are quite close to natural preferences will have the best chance of success.

Next, the coachee has a period of time to try out the agreed approach. Coach and coachee then reconvene and assess what worked well and what still needs polish - or even a Plan B approach. The skills or behaviour are refined in subsequent sessions.

Any number of skills and behaviours benefit from this multiple-session approach, in which coachees often raise their game simply because they know they are obliged to report back to the coach. Examples of topics we’ve covered include: difficult conversations; managing prickly or recalcitrant individuals; prioritising; time management; speaking up; handling change; staying positive; and business planning.

Two to three coaching sessions are usually enough to get a result.

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