Coaching for challenging situations

ARK offers tailored coaching for people who are encountering particular challenges - such as redundancy, return from maternity leave or retirement.

Professional women returners

Women coming back to work after having a baby are experiencing one of the most significant changes of their lifetime. Many struggle to make the transition to working parenthood – and leave very quickly. Coaching is a means of helping these people adapt and an effective way of ensuring organisations retain experienced, talented and expensive-to-replace employees.

We coach on:
• The challenges of getting back into the stride of working life
• Rebuilding confidence at work
• Reflection on new attitudes to work, given the coachee’s new focus
• Revisions to personal identity
• Good ideas for effective time management
• Re-balancing priorities.

This coaching can be very helpful if sessions take place just before and just after the employee returns to work, possibly following up in the eight weeks subsequent to return, a critical period for the employee - exactly when the support is needed most.

Redundancy coaching

As we battle out of recession, there will inevitably be casualties on the way. Redundancy coaching gives very welcome support to employees who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a very difficult situation. Many are in a postion they have not faced for years: the need to take crucial decisions on career direction; "sell" themselves in a competitive job market; and attend interviews and panels. Nor surprisingly, this can leave people feeling out of their depth,  vulnerable or angry. 

Our coaching deals with the practicalities as well as helping people get through this challenging experience. We cover:

• Coming to terms with the situation
• Rebuilding confidence and self-image
• Leaving without bitterness
• Job searching techniques – devising and implementing a search action plan
• Creating an effective CV
• Interview skills

This coaching works best in three sessions, entitled “job search”; “CV” and “interview skills”. The coaching in adjustment, acceptance and confidence is covered across each of the three sessions, as the experience progresses for the coachee. The CV is produced in response to a particular application and the interview coaching is also tailored and timed to address the first interview. 

Coaching is a useful methodology for senior people in this position, for whom a group workshop may not be appropriate. It can also be a practical way for smaller organisations, dealing with a handful of affected people, to hire in redundancy support.

The organisation benefits too.  Helping employees through this challenge may also ensure these people leave a positive legacy of intellectual property and know-how within the organisation.


People approaching retirement

Retirement is a seismic life change. Often long-awaited, but also met with some apprehension, as the lifelong worker needs to redefine his or her identity and role. Supporting employees into retirement pays tribute to the contribution the person has made to an organisation: as well as ensuring their valuable know-how is not lost to the business.

Coaching themes:
• Planning for the handover and passing on knowledge and skills to successors
• Changing one’s attitude to work: letting go of the role and the firm
• Exploring the coachee’s identity after they cease to be “a worker”
• Plans for scaling down hours after a lifetime’s commitment to a forty+ hour week
• Finding post-retirement activities that will engage the coachee’s attention

Coaching will be very effective in the six month run-up to retirement, with one session planned for a date after the individual leaves the firm.

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