Susan Bilton

Susan Bilton has a background in marketing communications with some of the UK's leading organisations. She has been coaching since 1997. She is particularly interested in coaching that helps people build their self-confidence, clarify their thinking, and take important decisions. Susan also enjoys facilitation and developing strategies.

Frances Coverdale

Frances Coverdale coaches people who have to make TV and radio broadcasts. Well-known from her days as a BBC newscaster, Frances helps speakers practise interview skills, develop powerful messages and impress within a stressful environment.

Alan Ross

Alan Ross has over thirty years' experience of corporate communications. Alan worked in blue chip companies, holding Board positions at Scottish & Newcastle and Booker. A coach since 1994, Alan specialises in helping leaders and their teams reflect on skills, capabilities and attitudes. Alan works across the UK and in mainland Europe. He is a Member of the Association for Coaching.

Alex Ross

Alex Ross has worked in the public, private and charity sectors, after 10 years in HM Prison Service as a Governor and Prisons’ Inspector. He consults and coaches in bid writing, stakeholder communications, PR and media management and strategy development and implementation.  Alex is also a facilitator and development coach.

Jean Ross

Jean Ross has been a practising dyslexia specialist since 2001. She was formerly a senior English teacher at Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School. Jean helps people with undiagnosed dyslexia find strategies for dealing with the condition in the workplace.